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TWO HOT POTATOES Cooking, eating and entertaining thoughts brought to you by Angela MonDragon George and Sarah Wicker Kimes– friends who share a passion for all things food-related. We’ll be blogging from beautiful Dallas, Texas – where we live, work and more importantly, eat. And we promise we’ll feature more than just Tex-Mex, our famous barbecue or fried Snickers from the State Fair (all delicious, by the way). We’ll cook, eat and drink our way through Dallas and write updates along the way. We’re not food experts or sommeliers, but Angela can dice an onion in under 10 seconds and Sarah can flambe without burning her apartment down so we’re at least qualified to write a blog. Welcome to Two Hot Potatoes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



An art director/ graphic designer by trade, but a food & photography-obsessed, fashionista by birthright. I started cooking because I love to eat. It soon became my passion because I adore the beauty and artistry it takes to combine flavors and create a meal. I’m not afraid to try anything, at least once. I’ve eaten vegetables you’ve probably never heard of, I’ve devoured my fair share of meats most people wouldn’t dare, and I’ve even ventured in to candy coated insects ~ All in the art of exploration, driven by the desire to find that next perfect bite. Cooking is another one of my artistic outlets, my creative passion, and it’s what keeps me smiling at the end of a long day. I was taught early on that the quickest way to a man’s heart was through his stomach….  I know my husband can attest ~He’s in love.

An advertising executive by day, working to support my food, wine and travel addictions. I’ve been obsessed with all things food for a few years now. I love the comfort of cooking at home, but I’m just as excited to eat at a restaurant, or even better, someone else’s home. My home kitchen takes place on the sixth floor of a high-rise building in downtown Dallas, where I cook for my significant other and attempt to keep the smoke alarm from going off. When I’m finished with one meal, I immediately start thinking about the next. I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to cooking, which means I’ve experienced a disaster or two, but that’s what cooking is about. I cook because I like the challenge. I have David Lebowitz’s chocolate chip recipe memorized. I adore bacon. And if I could start every meal with wine and cheese and finish every meal with salted caramel ice cream I would.

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