Bridal Shower Brunch

Bridal Shower Brunch

I spent last weekend in Houston celebrating with my girlfriends and toasting our lovely friend Lauren with a bridal shower brunch. We had a mountain of cupcakes and hoards of other light bites, but what better way to toast our bride to be than with a Make Your Own Mimosa bar. Upon arriving to the shower guests were greeted with glass of champagne to which they could dress up any way their heart desired. We set out a few flavored syrups, orange juice and an assortment of fresh berries that they could mix and match as they pleased. This was the perfect way to kick off the party. When entertaining a large group of guests you always want everyone to feel like they’re at home. So setting up a simple bar that makes it easy for guests to customize their own cocktails is a perfect way to break the ice and get people to settle in.

My favorite mimosa mix was the Lavender kissed mimosa with a few black berries. Lauren introduced me to these wonderful syrups from Sonoma Syrup Co. that we used as drink mixers, but the recipe possibilities go far beyond cocktails.

We set up our bar with Lavender Syrup, Acai Black Currant Syrup, Orange-Mango Juice, and regular Orange Juice, along side a tray full of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and sliced strawberries. A little goes a long way when making your mimosa with the flavored syrup about half a tablespoon is all you need in the bottom of your glass, then fill up with champagne and toss in your berries of choice.

Cheers Lauren!


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  1. Love the fruit in the bubbly! It’s my favorite way to spruce up the drink. I’ve always done cranberries around the holidays. I will have to try your blackberries and raspberries!

    Rachel Nobrega

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