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Trip Report: Southern Chile

February 20, 2014

I promised myself I would write a recap of my Chilean vacation less than a month after our trip. Well, it’s been one month and ten days. But close enough. My husband and I have tossed around visiting Chile for many years. At one point, we even discussed moving to Santiago. Without ever living there. Clearly, we’re still in Dallas. And I’ll be honest, I’m pretty happy we didn’t randomly move to Santiago a few years ago. While I really liked the city, I’m not sure I’m ready to call it home. I’m going to try to keep this post as succinct as possible as we covered a lot of ground over our 17 day trip. We took over nine flights and visited over seven different cities in three different countries. And I’m counting Miami as a country. How did we get there? Using miles, of course. I converted American Express points to British Airways Avios, and then I used […]


What they cook in the Cook Islands

October 29, 2013

I returned a few weeks ago from the trip of a lifetime! After a dream wedding in Marfa Texas my new husband and I set off for an extra long honeymoon in the Cook Islands. Which are really just a few small specs of land in the middle of the South Pacific ocean. You can check out the full photo gallery on my flickr site here, and the tastiest edible outtakes are in this post. Two weeks were spent galavanting across these two islands. Rarotonga (left) and Aitutaki (right) Heaven is sipping pure coconut water from a chilled young coconut. Unadulterated tropical beauty everywhere! Of course we had to sample food from the traditional Cook Islands “umu” (underground oven). All was smoky and delicious. I ate some questionable chicken from a 24 hr fried chicken shack in Raro… The dogs enjoyed it much more than me. A surprising hit was the fried waffle we enjoyed at the town farmers market. One bite […]


Hot Travels from the Hot Potatoes

June 6, 2013

It’s no secret that the Two Hot Potatoes love live to travel. to: Costa Rica,  to: Malaysia, to: Mexico, to: Wine Country, to: Italy to: pretty much anywhere that has an exciting new culture and flavors for us to explore, and if it requires a passport to get there you know we’re that much more excited to arrive! Which is why I’m so pumped to share my latest editorial project with our readers. I have been working with Traveler Overseas to produce a gorgeous website for the magazine’s big photos, in-depth travel articles and itineraries to live. You can view our beta website here, and I need your help to keep this train moving! Traveler Overseas has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of the magazine online. Once funded our online articles will be forever FREE for all to read. To whet your appetite for summer wanderlust– here’s a little compilation of a few Hot Potato favorites from around the world.       Please check out my campaign on Kickstarter and […]


Punta de Mita, Mexico

January 11, 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of relaxing with friends and soon-to-be family in Punta de Mita Mexico. It’s located on the West coast, just near Puerto Vallarta. We stayed at our friends lovely home on the beach, Casa Papelillos, which if you’re interested, is available to rent year round. Pictures simply do not do this mansion justice; it is absolutely breathtaking! We were waited on hand and foot by the kindest people. The views, the service, and oh my, the FOOD, everything was top notch! Here are just a few highlights form the trip, but you’ll have to check out my flickr for more soon. Guerrado, the head chef at Casa Papelillos, quickly became my new best friend. Every day we had a full spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner with multiple courses – every morsel delicious! I have been dreaming of this red snapper dish (pictured above) since we left. In my broken Spanish I pleaded with them […]


Wine bottling in Sonoma

November 20, 2012

Every 3 years the Clampitt Paper Company hosts a wine label design competition that gets the entire Dallas design community buzzing. Each designer is only allowed 1 entry, and our instruction is to come up with the name of the wine and design a label for the bottle with complete creative freedom…. The winner, which this year happend to be ME, gets an all expense paid trip for two to Californina wine country to experience the whole bottling process of this prized vintage! This was my very first visit out to Sonoma, and I completely fell in love with the people, the food and the atmosphere. Over the long three day weekend I was able to enjoy the most amazing company with the Clampitt family, colleagues and friends. And Oh My Gosh – the FOOD! We ate some of the most delicious and fresh food, which I’m still dreaming about. I have to sing the praises of chef Catherine Venturini  (Olive & Vine). My taste buds […]

Nashville: Trip Report

Nashville: Trip Report

November 5, 2012

So the hot potatoes have been fairly busy this fall. One recently married, one recently engaged, so that equals busy lives and a not-so-busy blog. This past weekend I hopped on a plane for a quick weekend of eating, shopping and exploring Nashville, the hometown of my dear brother. What a cool, cool city. It’s just the right combination of food, music, shopping and sports along with an authentic (mostly hipster) vibe. But let’s be honest, I mostly focused on the food. Day 1: Drinks attempted at Holland House Bar and Refuge. Apparently we weren’t the only ones interested in this libations lounge as the wait for the bar was around 30 minutes. Next trip. Second drinks attempt at Bar No. 308. Success! Great classic cocktail list with a quirky diorama-like display at the back of the space. Dinner at Lockeland Table. Really, really, really great meal.  The winning dish for me was the Tanglewood Farms Chicken with Roasted Pepper Jam, but […]


Butter Bay Scallops served in the Shell

August 28, 2012

  This recipe looks fancy, and I know seafood usually intimidates people- but I promise you, this is one of the easiest seafood recipes you can cook. The only hard part about this one is finding the perfect Bay Scallops and the shells to cook them in. —– We visited the picturesque Cae San Blass last month and had such a wonderful time on this small stretch of All-American beach in Florida. Our days were filled with long walks on the baby powder-soft beaches, turtle watching at night and every afternoon revolved around what the next big meal was going to be. We were told that this part of the Florida panhandle was know for is plentiful sweet Bay Scallops, and through a little asking around we found out we could easily charter a boat to go catch some ourselves! Now I don’t know about you but my very competitive hunter gather instincts kick in to high gear every time […]

Cumberland Island- Newly Engaged in the Old South

Cumberland Island- Newly Engaged in the Old South

July 31, 2012

Earlier this month my suave, thoughtful, creative other half completely swept me off my feet when he whisked me away with a surprise trip to Cumberland Island. I was completely surprised with the whole weekend because I was under the impression we were just going away for the week to hang out with his family on the beach in the Florida panhandle. I’d soon find out that Matt had very different plans… At the beginning of our journey the two of us left Fernandia beach on a small ferry boat to arrive at Cumberland Island, where we were welcomed with smiling faces and a hostess who escorted us to the Greyfield Inn. This luxury plantation mansion is a true gem off the south Georgia coast. Built in 1900 by the Carnegie’s for their daughter Margret, many years later it was converted to an inn by the family, and today they still run the day-to-day operations with all the southern charm […]

Trip Report: New Mexico

Trip Report: New Mexico

June 6, 2012

I’m sure when people think of New Mexico they don’t think of culinary mecca. But I had some really great meals in the enchanted state, and the scenery alone is worth the trip. Day One Dallas to Albuquerque. Arrive at Hotel Parq Central – such a gem. It’s a modern, boutique hotel that used to be a hospital, and it also has an amazing rooftop bar with a great view of the city and surrounding mountains. A drink at the rooftop Apothecary Lounge at the hotel was followed by dinner at Jennifer James 101. Jennifer was a James Beard Foundation award semifinalist, and rightfully so. Her small, locally sourced menu was spot-on, and we loved her thoughtfully chosen wines from the wine list. Favorite dish: fava beans and greens with salumi and manchego. Day Two Breakfast at Frontier Restaurant. This place is literally a New Mexico legend. It’s been around forever and is well known for their giant breakfast burritos and […]

Immersed in Malaysia

Immersed in Malaysia

May 29, 2012

I’m fresh off of a long trip to exotic Malaysia where the culture and cuisine has left me hungry for more! For two weeks I had the opportunity to tour this culturally diverse country! I visited the world’s largest twin towers for a birds eye view of Kuala Lumpur, sang with the locals in the Colors of Malaysia Festival, then I set off for the state of Sabah where I danced with the local tribes and trekked through the mangrove jungles to hunt for dinner. Now that I’m recovered from the 21 hour jet-lag I’m eager to try my hand at the traditional Malaysian dishes that captivated my taste buds overseas. Malaysia is probably the truest melting pot of South East Asia. It’s bordered by Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and also has a big Chinese population.  All of those diverse cultures come together to make up the country of Malaysia, which in turn makes for incredible fusion […]

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