Foie Gras & Pop Rocks?

Foie Gras & Pop Rocks?

I wasn’t quiet sure what to think about this combination when it was placed in front of me at Graham Elliot last night. What is essentially a duck liver mousse, garnished with nostalgic popping candy blew my mind! The buttery foie gras instantly melts as soon as it hits your tongue, and then the surprising pop, pop, crack mingles in. The flavors were surprisingly light, but then the velvety richness punches you in the face with the burst of another pop rock, one after another until you look down and  there is nothing left except the sad remnants of your lollipop stick.

Graham Elliott is quite playful with the food at his restaurant, and I would expect nothing less from this celebrity chef. I enjoyed root beer bbq pork belly, and a deconstructed orange dreamsicle for dessert. All was utterly delicious, but nothing was quite as memorable as these pops. Stephen never disappoints when taking us out in Chicago, and I think I may have just found a new eclectic favorite.

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