King-Crab Puffs

King-Crab Puffs

I was lusting over the beautiful King Crab legs at the market the other day and just didn’t have it in me (or in my bank account) to splurge on a feast of king crab for dinner- so I came up with another option. This appetizer is one of the all time favorites at Chinese restaurants world wide- the crab puff, also known as crab rangoon. These crispy, crab filled, fried satchels make an excellent starter to about any meal. Just perfect to satisfy my crabby craving.

Of course you can substitute imitation crab meat in this recipe, but I was craving CRAB, and I can’t stand imitation anything! One package of imitation crab meat runs about $5-$7. Now, king crab usually runs about $20/ pound, but I didn’t need much. I spent under $10 for about half a pound of fresh sweet king crab meat, and the dollar or two I paid more over the imitation crap was well spent.¬† Plus with ready to use frozen Wonton wraps, this recipe couldn’t be more simple.

King Crab Puffs

1/2 pound fresh King Crab meat

8 oz Cream Cheese

Hand full of Chopped Chives or Green onion

One package of Medium Wonton Wraps (find these in the frozen pastry section of Whole Foods or Central Market)

Step one shred the crab meat. Step two mix the cream cheese, crab, and chives together.

Then dollop about a tablespoon full of the mix on to the center of the (thawed) Wonton wrapper. Wet the wanton paper edges with water or a beaten egg, both work just fine, then  fold up all of the edges around the cream cheese mix and gently press together to seal the pouch.

Fry them in just enough vegetable oil to cover them slightly, turning them a few times to make sure each side is golden. It only takes about 2-3 minutes. Set them aside to cool on a paper towel and drain off any excess oil.


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  1. Oh my gosh I love these… either with imitation or real!

    I worked on a yacht in Alaska in the summer time and the crew would always drop a crab pot out before we left on a week run with guests… on the week end we would haul our pot and pull up quite a few king crabs and have a feast every week end! I really miss doing that and get very disgruntled to have to buy King Crab in the store!

    Have a great week end!

    Really Rainey
  2. Yum, maybe we better add these to our Father’s Day menu. I love crab and all of the fam does too, but there always seems to be that
    leftover part that this would be great to use in. It is a must try. Thanks for sharing it.


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