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Ode to Thomas Keller

I adore all things Thomas Keller.

Last year, I indulged in the most heavenly four hour meal at French Laundry, wine pairings and all. It was an experience that probably won’t be replicated for awhile. Unless I get a second job.

On that same trip to Napa, I also had the pleasure of eating at Thomas Keller’s other Yountville joint, Ad Hoc. What a cool, fun concept. While I loved French Laundry, it didn’t feel like home. It felt like an out of body eating experience. Ad Hoc felt like home (possibly due to the fact that they have the same Ikea full length mirrors I do, but you get the point).

Anyway, one of my favorite Thomas Keller recipes that I’ve made over and over is his Simple Roasted Chicken. And the name says it all. I honestly don’t even have to put together a lengthy recipe for you because it’s so ridiculously simple.

Buy a chicken (3-4lb).

Clean and dry the chicken.

Truss the chicken.

Throw salt all over the chicken.

Seriously, that’s it. Sometimes I add thyme in addition to the salt, but it’s just as good with only the salt. Throw the chicken into the roasting pan and roast at 400 degrees for around 50 minutes.

Here’s the catch. The oven gets smoky. Really smoky. My smoke alarm went off three times when I roasted this chicken the other night. But it’s worth enduring the ear piercing smoke alarm to reap the benefits of this juicy chicken with it’s delicious, brown, salty skin.

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  1. OMG Sarah! I finally made this famous roast chicken for myself and now I can understand what everyone has been raving about! It was absolutely incredible!!! And I love how easy it is.

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