Foie Gras & Pop Rocks?

Foie Gras & Pop Rocks?

December 2, 2009

I wasn’t quiet sure what to think about this combination when it was placed in front of me at Graham Elliot last night. What is essentially a duck liver mousse, garnished with nostalgic popping candy blew my mind! The buttery foie gras instantly melts as soon as it hits your tongue, and then the surprising pop, pop, crack mingles in. The flavors were surprisingly light, but then the velvety richness punches you in the face with the burst of another pop rock, one after another until you look down and  there is nothing left except the sad remnants of your lollipop stick. Graham Elliott is quite playful with the food at his restaurant, and I would expect nothing less from this celebrity chef. I enjoyed root beer bbq pork belly, and a deconstructed orange dreamsicle for dessert. All was utterly delicious, but nothing was quite as memorable as these pops. Stephen never disappoints when taking us out in Chicago, and […]

Joe’s Prime Steak & Stone Crab

Joe’s Prime Steak & Stone Crab

December 1, 2009

Joe’s Stone Crab has been a favorite of mine for many years now. What started out as my favorite go-to restaurant for client dinners, has now become the one of the first places I crave as soon as I land in O’Hare. This restaurant costs a pretty penny, but the food is worth it, and the ambiance is exceptional. However if you’re not looking to entertain clients, and you need to save money on a great meal ~you can still have your steak, crab, and cake… and eat it too. I’ll let you in on a little secret ~It’s still possible to eat at this restaurant without a reservation, and still walk away without needing to dip in to your 401K Joe’s does half orders, and add ons of many of the favorites on their menu. My favorite way to share a meal is to sit at the bar, split a steak, add on a side of the king crab […]


Windy City Bites

November 30, 2009

I know we are Dallas based foodies, but Chicago has become like a second home for me because I get to travel here quite a lot for work. This week I’ll be blogging from the Windy City, and I can’t wait to share my foodie finds with you. This week I’m in town for another photo shoot with the famed food photographer and fellow foodie- Stephen Hamilton. I know he has a fabulous new restaurant to introduce me to, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store. In the mean time here are a few of Stephen’s delicious photos to whet your appetite ~some of which were art directed by yours truly. Who’s Hungry?

starbucks cinnamon dulce

Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce

November 29, 2009

Most mornings I make coffee using my french press. I love the rich flavor that is produced from using this wonderful contraption. Plus~ It’s much better looking on my counter top than any automatic coffer maker. I had some cinnamon sticks lying around from some cider I made recently, and decided to toss it into my morning brew. The result rendered a drink that would make most baristas green with envy. This coffee tastes just like my favorite cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. Using a french press is very simple. You boil some water, I use my teapot to do this. Pour one scoop of fresh ground coffee into the beaker. My favorite is the El Gallo Breakfast blend from Intelligentsia. Pour the hot water in and let it steep for about 4 minutes, or longer for a stronger flavor. Use the plunger to press the grounds and strain the coffee. Then pour, sweeten, and enjoy! To get that special […]

bacon and bleu cheese brussels sprouts

Bacon & Bleu Brussels Sprouts

November 23, 2009

So the other day I experienced my usual vegetable dilemma at Central Market. I happen to be a solid vegetable eater, but the significant other is pretty picky about anything green. He actually likes spinach, but I can only eat so much sauteed spinach, spinach salads, creamed spinach before I start having spinach nightmares. So I decided to do the unthinkable. Purchase brussels sprouts. I know, gasp. How could I possibly feed brussel sprouts to someone who can barely stomach a green bean? And the obvious answer: bacon and bleu cheese. Basically you can hide anything within those two delectable ingredients. How to hide brussels sprouts: Dice and cook three pieces of bacon. Remove from pan. Wash the brussel sprouts, and cut them in half. Sautee them in the remaining bacon grease (I never claimed this was a healthy recipe) and season with salt in pepper. Once cooked all the way through, remove from heat. Then you just toss them […]

indian chicken

Indian Braised Chicken

November 16, 2009

So every Friday night I find myself in the same dilemma. Do I make the effort to actually get dressed (trust me, it’s an effort) and brave a crowded restaurant, or do I stay in, throw on an old t-shirt and fend for myself? Well, this week my sweats were ultimately the big winner. Friday night meals can’t be complex – meaning I don’t have the energy to do much more than stir for a minute (possibly less) and throw something in the oven. So I tried to find something with just a few steps but a ton of flavor. I decided to turn to Martha (who else?), and throw together her Indian spiced braised chicken. It’s so ridiculously easy that I barely count it as cooking. Indian Spiced Braised Chicken (adapted from Martha’s Everyday Food) 1 1/2 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken thighs 1/2 medium onion, small diced 1 can (14.5 oz) diced tomatoes 2 TBS tomato paste 1 […]

Hot Dish Towels

Hot Dish Towels

November 9, 2009

Need to give your kitchen some character? Blue Q may have your fix. With familiar brands such as Total Bitch, and Dirty Girl this company has some fun finds for your kitchen that will help give your stove top some personality. Each towel is hand-woven in India and screenprinted with water-based, non-toxic inks.


Spiked Apple Cider

October 22, 2009

Add this cocktail to your party menu and you’re sure to have a blast. One crock pot +  mulling spices + alcohol = one fabulous holiday cocktail. You’ll need: 1 gallon of apple cider 2 cups of apple brandy (peach brandy works as well) 1/2 cup of spiced rum 8 fresh cinnamon sticks whole cloves 4 tbs Mulling spices (William Sonoma brand is my favorite) 1 orange sliced Equal parts of cinnamon and sugar mixed well (to rim the glass) Slice orange in to about 4 slices. press 4-5 whole cloves in to each orange slice just like a pin cushion. Slice up more oranges to use as a garnish if you wish. Pour all ingredients (except cinnamon sugar) in to a crock pot and set to medium. Let that heat up for about an 2 hours. Just before serving time turn the heat to low and keep it there the remainder. To serve- wet the rim of your glass […]

thanksgiving potluck

Autumn Pot Luck

October 20, 2009

Fall is a wonderful time to cozy up with good friends and swap some seasonal recipes. This week the two hot potatoes and a few of our fabulous friends got together for an Autumn Pot Luck. Everyone’s recipes were warm and full of fall flavors. Here are a few tips for hosting the perfect pot luck: Set a theme for the menu so your guests have some ideas to go by Send out an email to the whole group requesting an RSVP with their recipe of choice. (this helps everyone determine what to bring so there are no recipe repeats) If there’s plenty of wine and spirits on hand you’re always sure to have a great time Enjoy!

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