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Spring Floral Feast

Spring is finally here! Those April showers certainly brought me some flowers, and I have been anticipating these edible blossoms for a whole year!

As soon as it begins to warm up outside my hands get eager to get in to the soil. Early on I planned out my gardening plot. I make a point to try and grow things that I can’t easily buy from the store- a few exotic heirloom varieties, lots of herbs, I even built a new watermelon patch this spring. I counted the other day and I was shocked to realize I have 37 different varieties of edible delights growing in my garden out back! And my most anticipated garden delight just started blooming! Stuffed squash blossoms are one of my absolute favorite things! When stuffed with cheese and fried to golden perfection they are out of this world! I found these specific zucchini blossom seeds through my trusted resource- Martha. Seeds From Italy sources seeds for hundreds of Italian varieties, most of which are very difficult to find elsewhere. These zucchini blossom seeds are cultivated specifically for their edible flowers, they won’t produce much zucchini, but that’s not what I’m after, I can buy that at the market, they produce huge edible flowers instead.

Best part is this recipe is so easy to make- the hard part is having the patience to sow the seeds and watch them grow.

PS- This photo is the first sneak peak at a photography series I’m working on with friend Jill Broussard. Our Alpha-Bites project will chronicle one exotic ingredient and recipe for each letter of the alphabet. More to come soon…


Fried Zucchini Blossoms

1 cup Flour

1 cup beer

Whole Mozzarella (the good kind like Paula makes)

6-8 squash blossoms

Large pot of vegetable oil for frying


Cut small chunks of the mozzarella small enough to fill inside the blossom center. Delicately close the flower petals around the mozzarella (it’s okay if there are small gaps, the batter will close around it).

In a medium size bowl whisk the flour and beer together. Give your stuffed blossoms a dip in the beer batter. Test your oil first with a drip of the batter to make sure it is ready for frying. If it bubbles up immediately then it’s ready to go, if it doesn’t bubble quickly then heat the oil a bit more. Gently lay your battered blossoms in the oil and fry for about 2-3 minutes until lightly golden brown on all sides.

Remove the fried blossoms from the oil and drain them on some paper towels to remove excess oil. Sprinkle with salt and serve immediately!

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