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detox smoothie recipe

Pear Cilantro Smoothie DETOX

January 6, 2015

The holidays were delicious, and gluttonous- which is why it’s time to cleanse. I love this green smoothie. Most “green” drinks call for kale spinach and other bitter greens that I can’t bear to drink. This breakfast smoothie is a real winner with sweet ripe pears and fresh herbal cilantro to kick off your new years resolution cleanse. Cilantro is a fantastic detoxifying herb which naturally helps to purge heavy metals from your system. If you’re in the camp of believing it tastes delicious and not like soap as some will have you believe, then you’ll love this power cleansing beverage. I’ve seen many various takes on the pear+cilantro recipe online. Some call for the addition of apples, some call for bananas and dates,  but I decided to kick mine up by blending a spicy serrano pepper and spritz of lime, because my 2014 resolution is to live dangerously, and my tastebuds needed a wake up call this Monday morning. […]



April 8, 2011
When Life Hands You Lemons - Make Limoncello So the past couple of weeks have been pretty rough. I've had a mountain of challenges at work and life come and go like a roller coaster - in the mix of it all my laptop and my sweet Nikon camera (which I take all my fab blog pics with) was stolen a few days ago! So l've been pretty crabby lately, to say the least. But I'm trying to stay positive here. I'd like to turn these sour lemons life has handed me lately in to some sweet lemony-infused vodka -otherwise known as Limoncello. I first fell in love with Limoncello when I was studying abroad in Italy in 2003. The story setup sounds cliche, I know - 4 girls sitting to dinner at a quaint seaside joint on the coast of Cinque Terre Italy. But that's exactly where I was the first time that tiny yellow cordial of sweet summer [...]
starbucks cinnamon dulce

Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce

November 29, 2009

Most mornings I make coffee using my french press. I love the rich flavor that is produced from using this wonderful contraption. Plus~ It’s much better looking on my counter top than any automatic coffer maker. I had some cinnamon sticks lying around from some cider I made recently, and decided to toss it into my morning brew. The result rendered a drink that would make most baristas green with envy. This coffee tastes just like my favorite cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. Using a french press is very simple. You boil some water, I use my teapot to do this. Pour one scoop of fresh ground coffee into the beaker. My favorite is the El Gallo Breakfast blend from Intelligentsia. Pour the hot water in and let it steep for about 4 minutes, or longer for a stronger flavor. Use the plunger to press the grounds and strain the coffee. Then pour, sweeten, and enjoy! To get that special […]


Spiked Apple Cider

October 22, 2009

Add this cocktail to your party menu and you’re sure to have a blast. One crock pot +  mulling spices + alcohol = one fabulous holiday cocktail. You’ll need: 1 gallon of apple cider 2 cups of apple brandy (peach brandy works as well) 1/2 cup of spiced rum 8 fresh cinnamon sticks whole cloves 4 tbs Mulling spices (William Sonoma brand is my favorite) 1 orange sliced Equal parts of cinnamon and sugar mixed well (to rim the glass) Slice orange in to about 4 slices. press 4-5 whole cloves in to each orange slice just like a pin cushion. Slice up more oranges to use as a garnish if you wish. Pour all ingredients (except cinnamon sugar) in to a crock pot and set to medium. Let that heat up for about an 2 hours. Just before serving time turn the heat to low and keep it there the remainder. To serve- wet the rim of your glass […]